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Katoomba Heritage & Arts Walk

Ever wondered what the town of Katoomba was like in the early days? How did it look and what it offered? It is the most developed village and the earliest to be popular for 'out of towners', so what was the attraction?

With the Heritage and Art Walk brochure in hand, you can explore and enjoy the past and present, art and community, while breathing in our fresh, clean air. As far or as close as you wish to venture, this guided walk is worth a try.

Simply print off the brochure attached, set aside an hour or a day, and step into the our beautiful and historic township and its environs. You can enjoy the natural and built environment and refresh yourself along the way, with whatever you fancy.   


Click here for your copy of the Katoomba Heritage and Arts Walk.



The Blue Mountains ... Sydney's Rooftop Garden.
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