Slow Food Blue Mountains

About Slow Food

Slow Food builds networks between grower and eater, agriculture and market, community and world. We champion good, clean, fair and local food in ways that enhance knowledge, respect and passion. 


Slow Food Movement

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.

Today, we have over 100,000 members in 132 countries.

Please visit to learn more about our Philosopy, Mission and to locate Slow Food convivia and events around the World.


Slow Food Blue Mountains

Slow Food Blue Mountains (SFBM) has been flourishing since 2006 under the guidance of our Convivium Leader, Anne Elliott.

As a Not For Profit organisation we raise funds to market and implement our Projects as agreed at the AGM held each Feb/March*.

You will note from the News and Events listings that we have a variety of activities each year and are an active Convivium. Information about joining SFBM can be found on this website or Email: 



The difference between Slow Food and Cittaslow

Cittaslow communities provide and emphasise the INFRACSTRUCTURE AND FRAMEWORK to allow Slow Food to flourish.  Indeed, our self-assessment for Cittaslow accreditation in this region covered:  Infrastructure, Environment, Quality of Urban Fabric, Hospitality and Community, Cittaslow awareness creation and ...  USE OF LOCAL PRODUCTS. 

Therefore, there is a strong hospitality, conviviality and food component in the Cittaslow principles.

So, whilst there are two separate organisational bodies, they work together synergistically for the benefit of the community... OUR community ... The Blue Mountains.


The Blue Mountains ... Sydney's Rooftop Garden.
Slow Food Blue Mountains is a 'Not for Profit Organisation